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by Luis Biscaldi
Riding bikes and making clothes.

These are just two of many things we like to spend our time doing. Although they seem pretty much two different universes, these two are not that far from each other.

Unless you're name is Georg Fetcher (shouts to MOD capo) you should wear clothes every time you ride your bike. So the question is how close can you combine these two? 

Seeing images of someone jumping bikes printed on a t-shirt brings up a retro feeling of the 90's (which is cool if the rider is dressed in all fluo colors and sends a one foot can x up). On the other hand, seeing bikes printed on t-shirts reminds us of cheap ass tees, the ones with the "bikes + beers = thumbs up" type of thing. 

So how about printing JUMPS. Maybe printing a photo of your favorite trails is not the worst idea after all, especially when the whole set up is shaped like there is going to be a visit from the King of Spain anytime. You know which place we are talking about, Poma. 

With this is mind we sent Nick (Pescetto) on a mission to shoot the jumps from the perfect angle so we could transport them onto a piece of cotton. 

Once we had a bunch of photos, we started to fuck around on photoshop to get a first idea of how the tee would look.. the result was too good!


We saved the file as "T-shirt_Dream.jpg" and immediately began to work to get it done!!

We were so excited about this graphic that we wanted to launch it in a special way, making something that hasn't been done before. So we thought about sending out a piece of La Poma together with the T-shirt of La Poma. DIRT was the answer!!


Funny enough tho, while the T-shirts were being made in Italy, the Dirt of La Poma was, in fact, in La Poma (Premià, Spain). This is the reason why I (Luis Biscaldi) had to check in at Barcelona Airport with a backpack full of dirt. Turns out that showing up at the security check with a backpack full of dirt is actually pretty funny. After 15 minutes of questions, however, it seemed that boarding a flight with 5kg of dirt is not ILLEGAL therefor I was on my way to Italy!

Once the "Bring the Dirt home" mission was accomplished, we just needed to find a way of packing the tee with the dirt so we could send em out together. Luckily, our t-shirt man had these coffee bean cans hanging out at the workshop. In fact he had enough for us to use them to package t-shirts and dirt together. We talking about hand made shit right here!! 


Support your local dirt pusher.

The result? 100 numbered cans of CPGANG x La Poma collaboration tee. Not bad eh?


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